Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity is at the core of sustainable development. It impacts the quality of human life and is an essential component to the sustainability of all human activity, including business. Biodiversity is crucial to the reduction of poverty, due to the basic goods and ecosystem services it provides. Globally, some 2.6 billion people worldwide draw their livelihoods either partially or fully from agriculture. More than 3 billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity, while over 1.6 billion rely on forests and non-timber forest products. Loss of biodiversity poses a significant threat to their livelihoods. Biodiversity must therefore be protected and sustainably used for achieving poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Being an organization pursuing goals of sustainable development, we extend our services to institutions and government departments to conduct various biodiversity assessment and conservation projects. We also conduct biodiversity conservation workshops and training to educate and motivate various stakeholders to participate proactively in this mission.

                                                                                             Environmental assessment

Environmental assessment process is important to ensure that major projects meet the goals of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The assessment process is also needed to ensure that the issues and concerns of the public, interested stakeholders and government agencies are considered. We examine major projects for potentially adverse environmental, economic, social, heritage and health effects that may occur during the life cycle of these projects. The process includes opportunities for the involvement of all interested parties, technical studies to identify and examine potential significant adverse effects, strategies to prevent, or reduce, adverse effects and development of comprehensive reports summarizing input and findings.

At Vanabandhu NRMS, we are committed to contribute to avoid or minimize the environmental impacts of renewable energy sources. We undertake pre-construction and post-construction studies for solar and wind power plants to understand the impacts on local flora, fauna and community and we try to mitigate the negative impacts of the project activity.