About Us

Vanabandhu NRM&S is formed on the basis of providing quality support and professional Consulting Services to organizations pursuing its goal of sustainable development in harmony with the environment. Identifying, understanding and complying with environmental legislation present the greatest challenges facing industries today. We provide these organizations with a wealth of experience and professional know-how in nearly all aspects of natural resource management. 

Our Vision                                                                                                                             "We anticipate seeing this world a better place to live for the present and future generations."

As an organization, we would like to consider ourselves to be the most privileged advisory partner to individuals, organizations and governments in pursuing their sustainable development goals.

Our Mission                                                                                                                We promote market driven sustainable development through adopting sustainable agriculture and forestry practices by facilitating Tribal Marginal Farmers and Forest Products Gatherers of Central India.

Our Core Values

We provide the highest quality of service to our clients and maintain high levels of professional ethics and admirable core values.

We provide exceptional dedication and service to our clients while protecting the environment and improving the lives of people at the same time.

We aim to successfully influence people, organizations, systems, and processes across the subcontinent towards environmental, social and economic best practice.

We work together with governments, NGOs and different stakeholders, correcting the wrongs of the past while instilling healthy and enduring values for the future.

The overall objective is to foster the development of sustainable livelihoods and in doing so make our Planet a more secure place.

We operate on selected market segments focusing on the sustainable livelihood generation, renewable energy, forest conservation, manufacturing, and tourism industries.


We are more than proud to present to you our team. Talented, motivated and professionals who have a wealth of experience in the sustainable management of natural resources and the creation of livelihoods for rural and urban populations.

Dinesh Kumar VM

Managing Director

Qualification: PGDFM from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal, Bpharm ( Calicut University)
Experience: Over 10 years
Area of Expertise: Natural Resources Management ( Agriculture and Forestry Sector), Forest management, Conservation, Eco tourism, Rural & Urban livelihood, Market research, Product development, Branding and Marketing .
Benni Kurien

Advisor: Sustainable Development

Qualification: PG in Archaeology and Ecology , Masters degree in History and Heritage management.
Experience: Over 30 years
Area of Expertise: Natural Resource Management, Community capacity building, Ecotourism development and tourism management, Exploring, documenting and conserving unidentified archaeologically important sites.
Dr. U.S Sharma

Advisor: Research and Development

Qualification: Ph.D in Plant Genetics ( Barkatullah University, Bhopal), P.G Diploma in Environment management ( EPCO, Bhopal), M.Sc. Botany, B.Ed, B.Sc Biology ( Jiwaji University, Gwalior)
Experience: Over 30 years
Area of Expertise: Rural Development, Natural Resource Management
( Agriculture & Forestry Sector) , Plant genetics, EIA, SIA, Climate Change and Adaptation
Vikas Gautam

Finance & Legal Compliance

Qualification: FCS, Certified CSR Professional
Experience: Over 8 years
Area of Expertise: Corporate Due Diligence, Corporate Compliance, CSR, Secretarial audit, Trademark and Indutsrial registrations
Sreedevi Dass

Director, IT & Systems, Data Management

Qualification: Master Degree in Software and Systems from K.G College in Coimbatore
Experience: Over 6 years
Area of Expertise: Information Technology, Software development, Data collection, Management and Analysis, MIS.
Sapna Pandey

Director, HR and Administration

Qualification: B.C.A, B Ed., B. Sc. Biology
Experience: Over 6 years
Area of Expertise: Business administration, Rural Development, Community engagement, and Capacity Building
Loveson Samuel

Partner, Business and Strategy development

Qualification: Mphil  from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal.
Experience: Over 25 years
Area of Expertise: Business Development, Natural resource management, Rural development, Strategy development, Disaster risk reduction and building resilient communities, Capacity building of communities.
Moh. Arif Khan

Product Designing and Manufacturing

Qualification: Diploma in Food Processing from ITI Chhindwarra, Masters in Sociology from Dr. Harsingh Gaur University, Sagar
Experience: Over 15 years
Expertise: Developing and Manufacturing of natural products ( Agri and Forestry) . Master trainer for Wild Honey collection and Processing, Mobilization and Capacity building of Rural communities.
Maneesh PC

Partner , Agri Production & Supply Chain

Qualification: Mphil from Indian Institute of Forest Management in NRM and MBA in Agri business from Allahabad Agricultural Institute..
Experience: Over 13 years
Area of Expertise: Agribusiness Supply Chain Management, Plantation Management, Agro-Forestry and Forest resource management, Ecotourism planning and Management.
Tarshit Gupta

Partner , Agrotechnology

Qualification:B Tech, Electrical and Electronics Engineering from GITAM University Vizag.
Experience: Over 7 years
Area of Expertise: Agribusiness Management, Block Chain Technology, Manufacturing Industry.
Sunil Dhangar

Rural Technology and Renewable Energy

Qualification: M.Tech. ( Power Electronics, MITS Bhopal ), B.E ( Electrical & Electronics, MIT Ujjain ), Diploma in Industrial Safety.
Experience: Over 9 years
Area of Expertise: Renewable Energy ( Solar, Biomass, Bio gas etc.), Low cost rural energy techniques, Tech. for Rural development, Research and Development, Developing low cost Agri/ Forestry Equipment.
Aman Kumar

Operations Management

Qualification: Post-graduate from TIT, Bhopal,
Experience: Over 3 years
Area of Expertise: Industrial operations, Natural Product development, Public relations, Business development, Market research, Branding and Marketing .
Santosh Sen

Marketing and Sales

Qualification: B. Tech ( Electronics and Communication) LNCT Bhopal.
Experience: Over 3 years
Area of Expertise: Retail and Whole sale Marketing, Rural livelihood generation and Rural business development , Community Capacity building.